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Life is here. Online. It’s here we live, where we must live. The universe and its monopolistic cyborgs tell us so. I won’t argue. 

But I will insist upon this – that my life be my own. Maybe it’s my Romanian upbringing! Flawed though it may be, it’s mine. It’s been mine since the beginning. You could say we grew up together. I imagine many of you feel the same; that your lives are your own. It’s only natural. 

Lately though, it seems – tell me if I’m wrong – it seems there are some, maybe a few, maybe a lot, who wish to say otherwise. They say this life of mine is theirs to scrutinize, theirs to criticize, theirs to stigmatize. Theirs, theirs, theirs. 

I’m afraid I must beg to differ. And I will do so in any number of respectful, artful ways. Find a few of them below as NFTs. 

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